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State and Federal Law Update – Course 3181



The goal of the course is to provide law enforcement officers with an update of the recent statute changes and additions as provided by the 81st Legislature. The topics of this course highlight changes to the Texas Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Transportation Code, Occupations Code and various Supreme Court decisions.

Personal Commitment Required

A personal commitment, which is often a pledge or promise to ones' self for personal growth, is actually necessary to successfully complete this course. The course material is designed with the intent that the individual who commits to this learning format will actually learn something in return.

Testing Requirement


This course will require you to complete and successfully pass four (4) on-line exams; with a minimum passing score of 70% for each exam. There are a total of 93 questions covering the various subjects. Some questions are very lengthy and are designed to provide understanding prior to questioning. You will have only one opportunity to pass each exam and will not be allowed to go back and change your answer. Therefore prior review and access to the course curriculum is very important for the successful completion of the course.


This is specifically where the (Personal Commitment) for completing this course is necessary. It will be difficult to successfully complete an exam question without reading the entire test question content.


The estimated time to successfully complete this program is three hours.

Required Resource Material:

Down Load:

TCLEOSE (State and Federal Law Update) Learning Objectives for Course 3181

Go to this following link and down load the learning objectives for course 3181. You may also down load the (PowerPoint) presentation at this link, which will be useful for your review.

Additionally you will need a current copy of the Texas Statutes. You can also access this at:

The statutes available on this website should be verified and incorporated by February 2010.

Also, copies of the “Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual” 2009-2010 LexisNexis addition is available for sale in our campus book store if necessary.

Other important links are provided within the learning objectives of Course 3181.

Steps for Completion:

1.     Register for the course by contacting Terry Blevins at you will then be notified of the required registration information.
Will not be accepting any more registration after August 26, 2011


2.     Obtain or have access to the current copy Texas Statutes.


3.     Download Course 3181 learning objectives at:

4.     Review the learning objectives, approximate time is one hour. (You may also review the power point version as well.)


5.     Once you have reviewed this material you must e-mail me at: here we will enter into an e-mail discussion of question and answers to verify that you have reviewed the material and to answer any questions about the content of the course before proceeding to the on-line exams. (To expedite this process a chat room is also available). You will receive your password and log-in name from me at this time, with additional instructions to advance to the testing site.


6.     Log into the testing site with the user ID and password you have been assigned and select and complete each exam from the list.

·         Course 3181 CCP Updates

·         Course 3181 Other Updates

·         Course 3181 Penal Code Update

·         Course 3181 Transportation Code Update


Testing Guide:

Once you are logged into the testing site, close and exit all other programs. Other sites may interfere with the testing program and if you lose internet connection or get bumped out you cannot restart an exam.

There is a “NO EXCEPTIONS” rule for completing the test. This means if for any reason, i.e., computer malfunction, loss of internet connection, or anything that prevents you from completing an exam, there will not be a second opportunity.

It is suggested that you have a copy of the Course 3181 available for quick review during the test. Note: It is very important that you review the material prior to starting an exam.

Each test is timed and questions are randomized. You may be logged out without completing an exam if you take too much time. You will not receive credit for unanswered questions should you be logged out automatically.

Once you have been logged out of an exam you cannot re-open the exam.

Once you have opened a test you will see your first question, select the best answer and move on to the next question.

You will have only one opportunity to select your answer; you cannot go back and change your answer.

Once you have completed an exam you will be automatically notified if you passed or failed.  

Remember each exam requires and 70% or better to successfully pass the exam. You must pass all four exams to successfully complete the course.

The on-line format will only be available for one attempt to complete this course.

Contact Ron Spears at (972) 548-6861 or if you have any questions or need assistance with the testing program.